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Lifestyle Changes for Hypertension Treatment

A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone particularly if they have a high blood pressure. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure it is quite likely that you need to make changes to your lifestyle.

In a few people these changes to lifestyle can be sufficient to lower blood pressure to a level where they may not need to take medication. If medication is prescribed by their doctor, a healthy lifestyle change can also assist to make the medication more effective.

If you are living with your family making lifestyle changes can be very difficult particularly changing to a more controlled diet. A change to a more healthy diet should be adopted by the whole family which should mean that the younger members will benefit in the longer-term and prevent high blood pressure from occurring later in life. A healthy lifestyle will also make everyone feel better generally.Lifestyle changes for hypertension treatment image


The most common changes are:

  • eat more fruit and vegetable portions each day

  • cut back on fast foods such as Indian and Chinese take-aways, pizzas and burgers

  • reduce salt in cooking and your diet

  • lose excess weight

  • start taking moderate regular exercise

  • drink alcohol in moderation or stop altogether

Lifestyle changes for hypertension treatment graphicA healthy lifestyle would not include eating excessive amounts of saturated fats and smoking. There is no evidence to suggest that in isolation smoking or saturated fats cause high blood pressure but they are recognized as contributing factors to heart attacks and strokes. Your risk of having a heart attack or stroke will be greatly reduced of you stop smoking and reduce the amount of saturated fat you eat....read more at high blood pressure - salt






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