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 If you have very severe high blood pressure [hypertension], you may need to be admitted to hospital for initial treatment that may involve medication for high blood pressure. However, most people do just as well working closely with their doctor to bring their numbers down. Tests you may need to undergo as part of your diagnosis and treatment include checks for protein in the urine, chest x-rays, electrocardiograms, blood tests, and vision analysis. Your doctor may prescribe blood pressure medication that you will need to take from your diagnosis point forward. Possible blood pressure medications include a variety of types.  

You may be prescribed any of the following medication for high blood pressure

  • Diuretics, which increase the amount of water and salt removed from your blood by your kidneys, thereby widening your arteries. 
  • Beta-blockers, which reduce your pulse rate 
  • ACE inhibitors or angiotensin 2 receptor antagonists, which block enzymes that constrict the blood vessels. 
  • Calcium channel blockers or alpha blockers, which widen the blood vessels. 

Lifestyle changes with Medication for High Blood Pressure 

Along with blood pressure medication – or instead of medication – your medical professional will likely recommend that you make some lifestyle changes.   These will include the elimination of known risk factors, such as excessive weight, smoking, and poor eating habits. medication for high blood pressure image

Anxiety and fear are natural reactions upon receiving a diagnosis of high blood pressure. Thoughts of implications, worries about complications and confusion quickly set in.

It is a lack of basic knowledge on the subject of high blood pressure that pushes some patients to the point of despair. However, those who take the time to educate themselves on their condition, are willing to seek treatment, and who gladly modify their lifestyle have found that it is possible to live a long, happy, and healthy life regardless of their diagnosis....read more about hypertension medication 





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