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Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

There are many natural remedies for high blood pressure and most are easily available. In fact, many of these “items” might be readily available in your own kitchen. If you are concerned about side affects many of the natural remedies for treating high blood pressure have very negligible or often no side effects at all.

Many people suffering from high blood pressure due to multifaceted causes seek natural remedies with very satisfactory results. It is understandable many people prefer not to take prescribed drugs and look instead to the natural remedies that have been proved to work effectively in reducing high of blood pressure.

Some natural remedies for high blood pressure

Garlic is one such food product that not only offers help in the reduction of high blood pressure but also reduces high cholesterol levels.

A considerable amount of research has been carried out on garlic and as a result garlic has been found to function as one of the leading and most common natural remedies for high blood pressure.

There are other remedies that will not appeal to everyone. Coriander leaves in a cup of water may be taken to reduce the hypertension. This should be taken preferably in the early morning and on an empty stomach. This will help to reduce the blood pressure more effectively if coupled with the combination of curry leaves in a fresh condition.

There is evidence that cumin seeds have an affect on reducing high blood pressure and are considered one of the major natural remedies for high blood pressure.

Ginger is also considered an excellent natural remedy for high blood pressure.

Onions are also natural remedies for the reduction of high blood pressure. The juice from an onion with honey should be taken daily.

All of these remedies should be taken on an empty stomach. This assists in the absorption and assimilation of the concerned natural remedy in the gastro intestinal tract.

In conclusion consuming plenty of greens and vegetables also helps to reduce blood pressure. Greens and vegetables

Natural remedies for high blood pressure -

are preferred by many people because the side effects noticed in many of the medicines which are normally administered such as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or diuretics like Frusemide are less or even absent.

Whatever natural remedy for high blood pressure you choose, you should also adapt your life style to ensure you maximize the benefit. This includes losing weight, avoiding alcoholic beverages, and beginning some regular exercise.Pharmaceutical companies are exploring ways to identify natural remedies for high blood pressure and to determine the active principles in those specific remedies to see if they can be duplicated.

This would be an excellent step forward in reducing unwelcome side effects inherent in many medications available today.








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