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High Blood Pressure Symptoms 




Physical Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

 It is very important that a thorough examination is made of anyone complaining of any type of illness and their blood pressure checked. Physical symptoms of high blood pressure can often vary and consequently confuse an attending physician.

It frequently happens that doctors diagnose high blood pressure [ Hypertension ] when examining patients who have visited them complaining of quite a different ailment.

If a case of high blood pressure is left undetected for any period of time, depending on its severity it can cause serious problems for all critical organs of the body. This can include cardiac problems and kidney and liver disease. It may also cause a stroke and affect a person's vision..read more about hypertension

Physical Symptoms of high blood pressure include: Physical symptoms of high blood pressure image

  •  Tremors 
  •  Giddiness

  •  Headaches

  •  Blurred Vision

  •  Convulsions

  •  Ataxia (Difficulty with walking)

Most of these symptoms may easily be mistaken and attributed to other medical conditions, or the high blood pressure may be a symptom of another problem so it is very important that patients with physical symptoms of high blood pressure are thoroughly investigated and the appropriate medical tests carried out.

Vital organs damaged by high blood pressure 

 In some cases the high blodd pressure may have caused damage to other vital organs in the body and consequently the focus of the physician's diagnosis is diverted.This can sometimes mean the underlying cause of the problem namely, the high blood pressure is missed. The attending doctor should always check the blood pressure when any of these physical symptoms of high blood pressure are present.

As an example some of the symptoms mentioned above may also relate to diabetes, especially if a diabetic person is suffering from a hypoglycemic attack.

Regrettably, they also mimic the signs of someone who is very drunk, and there has been occasions where someone who is suffering from the side effects of high blood pressure have not been treated in the correct manner because it has been assumed they were under the influence of alcohol.

Other physical symptoms of high blood pressure:

If the raised blood pressure has caused cardiac damage, then the patient may complain of:

v tiredness and lethargy even after just slight exertions.

v breathlessness and clammy with perspiration. This could be due to damage sustained to the heart which should be investigated and treated as a matter of urgency.

v other physical symptoms of high blood pressure may relate to excretory organs such as the kidneys.

v there may be an increase in the frequency of passing urine or accompanying pain.

v signs of dullness and dehydration of the skin due to a loss of electrolytes in the body.

Other physical symptoms of high blood pressure may be lesions to the ocular region. If the retina or eye blood vessels are affected, there may be a deterioration in the patient's vision.

If left untreated, there is a real possibility of permanent damagephysical symptoms of high blood pressure graphic or loss of eyesight.

In conclusion other physical symptoms of high blood pressure may also include a person becoming increasingly lethargic with a reluctance to move or do anything.

There might also be indications of clinical depression.





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