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Stress and High Blood Pressure

Stress and high blood pressure are historically thought to go hand in hand. If a man or woman has a very high powered stressful job, it would not surprise people to learn he or she also had high blood pressure as it is often expected and connected.

However, there is no definitive evidence to prove that stress in isolation is the cause of high blood pressure.

Regrettably, suffering from a combination of stress and high blood pressure may lead to a cardiac problem and possible stroke which can then result in long term medical problems. It's important that this problem is avoided, so how can busy executives get on with their job whilst also protecting their health?

To put the causes of stress into perspective it is important to recognise that you may feel that you are indispensable in most situations other people can manage without you. If you have purposely created a work environment where you are absolutely indispensable, you've made a rod for your own back because the stress of being indispensable to everyone is going to gradually drive your blood pressure sky high, and when you're dead, you're of no use to anyone.

We hope this has made you sit up and think about what your job is doing to your health even though it sounds very harsh..

Signs and symptoms of stress and high blood pressure may include:  

v Feelings of lethargy  

v Blinding headaches

v Nausea

v Giddiness

v Frequency in passing urine

Problems associated with stress and high blood pressure together generally develop gradually over a period of time. By the very nature of their job, the busy person becomes overweight because they either don't eat properly or don't take enough exercise or both.

This behaviour combined with the stress of their job leads to increased blood pressure which in turn makes the organs of the body work much harder than they should do. Consequently these vital body organs such as the heart and kidneys become so overworked they eventually start to malfunction.

So how can you reduce your blood pressure when you work in a high powered job which causes you lots of stress?

Well to begin with you must stand back and take a good hard look at yourself and your behaviour. You also need to evaluate what it is exactly that you think is most important in your life, and start to make the necessary life changes.

v For a start, delegate some of that work and learn to relax in a work environment, let someone else take some of the responsibility, work smarter.

v Lose some weight if necessary

v Start getting some regular exerciseStress and high blood pressure

v Watch and reduce your salt intake.

Making small changes to all parts of your daily routine will not only improve your health, lower your blood pressure, but also your general outlook on life and improve your efficiency.



This can only be a good thing for your high blood pressure.

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