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High Blood Pressure Symptoms 



High Blood Pressure Symptoms

There are no specific visible signs of high blood pressure symptoms, so it is not surprising that there are probably thousands of people walking the streets today who have a dangerously high blood pressure level, yet they are completely unaware of it.

The problem with high blood pressure or hypertension to give it it’s proper name is that it is invisible and very often people are unaware they are suffering from it until they start suffering from side effects. This is one of the reasons why it is called “The Silent Killer”Image for High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Other medical conditions may be high blood pressure symptoms

Uncontrolled high blood pressure leads to many different medical conditions such as:

v Kidney disease

v Coronary Disease

v Stroke

Habitual behavior may be seen as high blood pressure symptoms

There are many different behaviors and factors that contribute to high blood pressure and they include:High Blood Pressure Symptoms - excess alcohol and smoking

                   v Excess salt

                   v Excess sodium [Sodium Chloride]

                   v Excess alcohol

                   v Smoking

                   v Stress (Up to a point)

Other factors that may be construed as high blood pressure symptoms

Diets that contain excessive amounts of salt and the ingestion of dietary potassium have both been found to have adverse effects on blood pressure and on a person’s health generally.

Obesity is another major problem in the Western world. Overweight people are more liable to have a higher blood pressure than their slim counterpart. The heart and other critical organs of the body have to work harder which leads to added strain.

Too much alcohol also plays a direct part in high blood pressure [hypertension]. It has been found in several studies, that the higher the alcohol consumption, the higher the blood pressure. Research has also shown that moderate drinkers appear to have a lower blood pressure than non drinkers.

The only true way of ascertaining whether you have high blood pressure or not is by having it checked by a nurse or doctor. This is a painless procedure, and every adult should have their blood pressure taken at least on an annual basis. More often if there is a previous history of raised blood pressure or associated illnesses.

The contraceptive pill can cause amongst other things, the blood pressure to rise so it is important that all women no matter how young they are have their blood pressure checked on a regular basis.

Though high blood pressure symptoms are not specific it is not uncommon to find that people diagnosed with high blood pressure also suffer from headaches, blurred vision, light headedness and dizziness.

Physical symptoms of high blood pressure

Physical symptoms of high blood pressure can often confuse an attending physician as they can vary. Therefore it is very important that a thorough examination is made of anyone complaining of any type of illness and their blood pressure checked at all times. Many instances of high blood pressure have been found by doctors when they have examined patients who have visited them with completely different symptoms ....read more about the physical symptoms of high blood pressure

Research material on high blood pressure symptoms provided by K. Standerline, State Registered Nurse. UK 



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